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It’s never been easier to gift a Ganesha or bestow a Buddha with our gift cards. Family and friends alike can be granted the gift of choice, meaning they can select their perfect masterpiece. 

Our digital gift cards are available in various denominations and designs. They can be purchased and redeemed online. Having selected the distinctive HD Asian cover art and your required price denomination, your gift card will be instantly delivered to you via email. This contains a unique gift code which can be used at the checkout across multiple orders. It’s gift-giving made easy; simply forward the email to your loved ones or keep for yourself!

Making the art of gift-giving easier. 

Let Us Help You Find The Piece You Desire

Let Us Help You Find The Piece You Desire

...the Ganesha statue has arrived safe and sound. I must admit to being somewhat apprehensive about buying something on the net having being burned before with purchases from India, but I absolutely love it.

Nicolas, Sydney, Australia

I have received my beautiful statue, the one I was looking for. Thank you very much for your noble business.

Sergiy, Norfolk, Virgina, USA

My Temple panels arrived yesterday. I wanted you to know I am very pleased. I love history and historic items and these fit right into my collection. Thank you. I shall watch your offerings with excitement

Geoffrey, Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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