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I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchase. It is s truly flawless. It's challenging to find adequate words to convey the depth of emotion I feel when gazing at this exquisite statue. The casting is stunning, capturing intricate details of the faces and hands with perfection. Every nuance is executed perfectly, complemented by a gorgeous patina. The clean lines and graceful aesthetics are simply breathtaking. I want to express my sincere gratitude for your meticulous assistance in ensuring its prompt delivery. Thank you very much!

Robert, Columbia, MO, USA

Just dropping you a quick note to thank you again for all your advice on the purchase of the lovely Ganesh. He was absolute hit, Matt loves him and was so pleased. Definitely a happy ending to the story! Warmest wishes.

Joanne, Hitchin, UK

I am absolutely thrilled, it arrived today and is just perfect, and so beautiful! ...you have been so kind, helpful, communicative. Really careful packaging as well, thank you so much!!!!!

Silvia, Como, Italy

The package arrived and my wife and I love the carving. Thank you so much; she is serene and beautiful. I am looking at a couple of other items and would like to make a purchase in the coming months.

Roger, Seattle, WA, USA

Buddha has arrived and he is really beautiful. Many thanks by Francesco & Family

Francesco, Rome, Italy

My Buddha arrived today in great condition, expertly wrapped thanks a lot! Well chuffed!

Perry, Colchester, UK

I'm so delighted with the purchase. The sculptures are stunning, they’re impressively splendid. I’d like to thank you once more for your advice.

Jose, Seville, Spain

Parcels well received. I would like to congratulate you for the packaging and also for the bronzes it is a very good quality. Especially the Javanese Bronze Amitabha Buddha Statue, it really is a very beautiful piece.

Jacques, Brussels, Belgium

My Vishnu has arrived safe and I am pleased to have it grace my home.
Stone Vishnu

Dominic, Auckland, New Zealand

Thank you. Both are STUNNING. The Stele is out of this world. Thank you so very very much....

Kush, Windsor, UK

Tara has arrived securely. OMG OUTSTANDING! Thank you!

Kai-Michael, Berlin, Germany

Got the piece today, absolutely lovely, I couldn't be happier!!!! Thanks so much ❤ ...I will be back!!!

Kristin, Paris, France

Just came home from longer than expected trip and found the Vishnu. Exceptional. Excellent. Thank you!

Kai-Michael, Berlin, Germany

Ganesh is happily at home with us. He arrived in record time and exquisitely packed. We have some further work to do on the stand, but all is well.
Ganesha at Home

David, Philadelphia, PA, USA

I received my beautiful buddha yesterday. I'm very pleased with him. Also, I appreciated the great customer service delivered by you and HDAsianArt.

Basak, London, UK

I am very pleased with my purchase. He looks splendid in his new position. Thank you, a very nice piece.

Julieanne, Liverpool, UK

What can I say ..... it's beautiful.

Luca, Messina, Italy

I can't believe it - the statue arrived yesterday and is perfect. Can't wait to give this gift today. THANK YOU!

Emily, Denver, CO, USA

Vishnu arrived today - He is STUNNING - the empowered alignment emanating extraordinary. Thank you so much, and whoever does your packing deserves a bottle of champagne :-) Thank you so much for your help and generosity. God bless you for helping me create my Temple.

Kush, Windsor, UK

The piece made it. I'm very happy with it. Thanks for the great customer service. 

Alex, New York, NY, USA

Thank you very much for the well packed statue that we love and looks great in our hall. I hope to be able to add to  our collection in the future.

Ernie, Cardiff, Wales

Just wanted to say thank you for the package received today with my small Buddha. It’s absolutely what I wanted and I am very pleased with it.

Helen, Ipswich, UK

Lord Ganesh arrived on thursday. It is a lovely piece of art. I hope he enjoys staying with us.

Alexandra, Frankfurt, Germany

He arrived and I am very happy about him in this chaotic times.

Karin, Stuttgart, Germany

I just wanted to tell you that I received the statue in good order. Thank you very much for your assistance getting it here so quickly. It's a beautiful piece! I'm very happy with it.

Edgardo, San Francisco, CA, USA

The shipping arrived. All good. Beautiful piece. Thanks a lot for the fast job. All the best and take care.

Dietmar, Munich, Germany

Today I received the marvelous Aspara-figure. My wife got jealous but now I am happy having two wifes. Thank you so much for everything.

Robert, Düsseldorf, Germany

Buddha's home! OMG..what a beauty !!! I love this piece! Thank you so much for all!

Ioana, Suceava, Romania

Confirming receipt of the DHL package today! Looks perfect.

Mitch, Palm Springs, CA, USA

Thank you. Arrived today. THEY ARE ALL EXQUISITE BEYOND BELIEF. The Stele just radiates energy all around, the fresco is unbelievably beautiful and the Buddhas and Brahma stunning. So happy, and feel so blessed. Thank you, and God bless for keeping the Divine alive.

Kush, Windsor, UK

The Buddha statue is marvelous! There are not enough words to describe how deeply the happiness I could feel when looking at the statue. Again, I sincerely appreciate everything. By the way, the parcel was extremely well packaged, I really like the way you arranged things inside the box to keep the statue safe. I look forward to our next transaction in the future.

Chatuphat, Lafayette, IN, USA

I received the Buddha early afternoon on Friday. It is much prettier than I could have ever expected. The pictures do not show the beauty of this piece. It is amazing. You are amazing as well for sending it to me so fast and so well packaged. Thank you so much. I feel so lucky to have this piece and thank you so much for making that happen.

Debra, Houston, TX, USA

Egr James ieri è arrivata la statua, grazie è fantastica, stupenda, in casa mia sono incantati, non so come ringraziarla per essermi venuto incontro,Lei ha realizzato un sogno, perfetto l'imballo, rapida la spedizione siete eccellenti in tutto, spero di poter essere in futuro in contatto con voi. Auguro una felice Pasqua a lei ed i suoi familiari, e davvero grazie infinite.

Cinzia, Reggio Calabria, Italy


Cinzia, Reggio Calabria, Italy

Your reclining Buddha has found a very special place in the entry way to our home. It joins several other art pieces that enhance our environment and remind us of our travels while living part time here in the southern California desert. Thanks again for your very helpful assistance in acquiring this art piece.

Alan, Palm Springs, CA, USA

The small Brahma was loved by everyone in the family. The bigger one is fantastic too. Thanks and will keep looking at the store for fascinating stuff to add to our collection.

Srivari, Coimbatore, India

Heute kam das bereits sehnsüchtig erwartete Paket bei mir zuhause an. Und ich muss wirklich sagen, der Buddha Kopf ist WUNDERSCHÖN. Ich habe eine sehr große Freude damit. Herzlichste Grüße.

Elfi, Villach, Austria

Bonjour, J'ai bien reçu le Bouddha. Tout est parfait !! La sculpture est vraiment très belle ! Elle vient finir à merveille ma collection khmer !! Je tiens à vous remercier sincèrement pour votre gentillesse, votre disponibilité et votre sérieux !! Cela a été un plaisir pour moi de faire affaire avec vous ! Merci encore et bonne continuation ! Bien cordialement.

Armando, Marseille, France

The Naga and dragon arrived and have settled in. They are all very beautiful pieces, and they will give me much inspiration and protection for a long time. Thank you once again for making my home a sanctuary! May the Naga protect you!

Janice, McAllen, TX, USA

I received the Buddha early afternoon on Friday. It is much prettier than I could have ever expected. The pictures do not show the beauty of this piece. It is amazing. You are amazing as well for sending it to me so fast and so well packaged. Thank you so much. I feel so lucky to have this piece and thank you so much for making that happen.

Debra, Houston, TX, USA

Back last nite, picked up the package today and like before I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase :-) Both pieces are so beautiful, I have my eye on a couple of other pieces...

Kristin, Paris, France

Thanks for the beautiful Buddhas. I received all of them safe and sound today.

Binh, Houston, TX, USA

Thanks James...love my little buddha!

Karen, Toronto, Canada

Just received my Ganesh this morning, it is fabulous - I am absolutely thrilled with my purchase and love the 20% coupon, will definitely put to use :-) Thanks so much

Kristin, Paris, France

Thank you! Super. Good years 2020.

Eric, Lausanne, Switzerland

Many thanks. Piece is lovely. All received fine.

Shola, London, UK

Today the object has arrived: fast delivery and the item is in good condition and intact. It’s a very beautiful piece!!!. It was a pleasure to deal with you! Next time! Thank you so much. Having a good day.

Chiara, Bologna, Italy

They arrived yesterday safe and sound and are gorgeous! Thank you!

Juliann, San Diego, CA, USA

We received our package. They are beautiful pieces of art. I bought them as gifts for my children. Thank you

Sri, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Received the Naga statue today, many thanks all good :-)

John, Southport, UK

Many thanks again for sending this bronze Nandi, it's arrived safe and sound. My friends (who I bought the piece for) were amazed at the beauty of the statue.

James, Brisbane, Australia

Thank you for arranging the shipping for this item. I am aware that I have got this piece at a remarkably good price, and I appreciate that very much. This item has a special meaning for me and will have a good home. I'll keep your gallery in mind in the future

Christine, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

The Ganesh is really great, wish I could keep it. It is a present for someone who is starting his own lab so Ganesh, the remover of obstacles seemed like the perfect thing.

Geeta, Baltimore, MD, USA

Thank you so much! As always, the Buddha arrived in perfect condition. You are truly the best and I really appreciate everything! Thank you again!

Evan, Des Moines, IA, USA

Arrived safely. Perfection as always. Thank you.

Ann, Lexington, KY, USA

I have received the Buddha. I have great time meditation in front of the statue that carries long history of being worshipped. Thank you so much and I wish you the best.

Hiroko, Palm Beach Gardens, FL, USA

The Item has been received in good condition and it is beautiful as it was. Once again thank you for your careful packing and fast shipping.

Ilyas, Rotterdam, Netherlands

 I wanted to let you know that I received the two pieces and I am thrilled. Well packed, they arrived in great condition. Thanks again.

Aesha, Gainesville, FL, USA

I  have just received my Bronze and it is magnificent.

Christophe, Nancy, France

Buddha just received. Beautiful indeed.

François, Paris, France

The elephant arrived today—it is lovely!!! Thank you!

Christopher, Washington, DC, USA

 I received Buddha today. It is perfect and has a home on my mantle. Love it!

Jennifer, Minneapolis, MN, USA

Very Pleased to report Reclining Ganesha has just arrived in Omaha this morning, unscathed and released from captivity! Even though I knew its dimensions, I still stood in awe as I unwrapped the piece and saw the details emerging. It really has an aura, a presence about it........more powerful than I expected, and I had very high expectations! I am very appreciative and honored to become Ganesha's new keeper! Thank You for allowing this to happen!

Walt, Omaha, NE, USA

The lingam arrived very well thank you very much.

Josef, Köln, Germany

I am absolutely thrilled with this water offering bowl and I'm sure I will shop with you again. I Thank you so much for all your help with this purchase for me. Please believe me it has pride of place and has seriously kicked my passion for collecting and learning all I can! Thanks again.

Joanne, Nottingham, UK

Received and absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

Sue, Lingfield, UK

Receive the idol....its stunning...thank you...

Sushmitha, St. Johnsbury, VT, USA

 I want to tell you that the 2 statues are arrived, and looks much more better than in pictures. I love them. Thx a lot. Have a nice day.

Tommaso, Piacenza, Italy

Bien reçu tout est ok. Merci pour l’emballage. Cdt.

Jean-Baptiste, Paris, France

The Naga were safely delivered this afternoon. They are wonderful pieces, and I am very happy to have them. Thank you so much!

Janice, McAllen, TX, USA

I just opened the Buddha statue I purchased from you. I couldn’t be happier! It’s really beautiful, particularly the face. The shipping was faster than pieces I’ve bought on Etsy coming from the US, so thank you!! Do you have any idea how old this statue is? I’m looking forward to receiving the Avalokitesvara statue I recently ordered.

Laura, New York City, NY, USA

The Buddha head arrived safely today. The look of serenity they all possess is very appealing. This sandstone head strikes me as being particularly beautiful. The way the sculptor has created that look of complete contentment amazes me. Just the hint of a smile - definitely more Mona Lisa than Laughing Cavalier! A wonderful piece and I love it!

Stuart, Manchester, UK

Oh my word...I have no words! Speechless. Thank you.

Ann, Lexington, KY, USA

Thanks, as always we enjoyed every piece we received and your fast and reliable business.

Kim, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

The statue arrived two days ago, damage free. It’s beautiful! I’m very happy. Thank you.

James, Dallas, TX, USA

The Naga arrived, and he is beautiful! I am so happy to have him! My home is much nicer with all these wise and ancient water spirits to protect it. Thank you for everything, and have a great day!

Janice, McAllen, TX, USA

The three beautiful Naga were delivered this morning and I am thrilled to have them! They are even nicer than I had hoped from seeing only photos of them. If anything can protect me, I am sure these ancient and wise spirits will.

Janice, McAllen, TX, USA

The Buddha arrived at my house yesterday afternoon. It's beautiful!! Many thanks for your availability and courtesy.

Leonardo, Venice, Italy

Our beautiful Vishnu has arrived without a signature, today!!:))) Thanks a lot, He looks perfect!

Lara, Long Island, NY, USA

Buddha arrived today! It is so beautiful! Thank you!

Elisabetta, Genova, Italy

I received the statue yesterday and its even better than I thought it would be. Once my home remodeling is finished it will have a prominent spot in the living room. I really appreciate the care you all took in packaging the piece. I will definitely will be purchasing from you in the future.

Monki, Asheville, NC, USA

I received my Buddha panel today. It arrived in perfect condition, is exactly as pictured & I am very pleased with it. Thank you again.

Christina, Detroit, MI, USA

Hello, just a message to tell you that my Buddha arrived today and it is perfect! It was a pleasure doing business with you, thank you for everything.

Benoît, Metz, France

The shipment went well and both statues arrived at their new home. We are loving them very much.

Andreas, Genoa, Italy

My Buddha arrived in perfect condition and I am very pleased - both with the Buddha and your service. Thank you so much.

Christina, Detroit, MI, USA

Thanks for your kind note. I have always found it to be a pleasure doing business with your company. The products and service offered are superb. As a collector, I already own several Burmese pieces, but nothing even closely comparable to this one. When I saw it I was smitten. Keep up the good work. You have in me a very satisfied and confirmed customer.

Henry, Cordele, GA, USA

The Burmese Buddha arrived safe and sound. He is beautiful and is another amazing addition to our home. I often buy Buddha’s in pairs and this has been no exception!

Juliann, Washington D.C., USA

I received it today and am very pleased with the statue. I plan to place another order.

David, Miami, FL, USA

The piece arrived safe and sound today. It is absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful addition to our home!

Juliann, Washington D.C., USA

The elephant arrived safely. It’s beautiful...you are a gem! Thank you!

Frank, Gainesville, FL, USA

Wunderschönes Stück.

Tobias, Frankfurt, Germany

We love him. Merry Christmas.

Karson, Phoenix, AZ, USA

We received this piece on Friday and we are in absolute love! I haven’t had a chance to take a picture of it yet but I will and send it to you! It’s gorgeous and it goes perfectly with our style and gives us the feel that we were hoping for. You’ve great pieces on the website! Hope to collect more from your store soon! The piece was delivered perfectly as well.

Parvathi, Coventry, UK

Ganesha and the Burmese Lac Offering Bowl have arrived safely in Sydney and are now both looking quite wonderful in position >>>>> Thank you for packing them so well for the long journey to Australia.....they arrived in a week and were delivered to the door in very good condition.

Christopher, Sydney, Australia

I have just bought and received a Burmese Buddha statue and I am very satisfied. It is really beautiful. Thank you very much.

Simona, Torino, Italy

Parcel received!!!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! I am so happy!!! Merci beaucoup!

Isis, Paris, France

Just to let you know I'm delighted with the Chinthes. They are very lovely pieces. Thank you again.

Neale, London, UK

Just letting you know the piece arrived safely this morning. I've just finished unpacking it - it is magnificent. Thanks as always, I really appreciate your customer service and attention to detail with packing, shipping etc.

Cindy, Sydney, Australia

I received the Buddha and it is stunning, thank you. Well packed as well.

Chris, Washington DC, USA

Received the Gorgeous Buddha today and it is absolutely beautiful. I love the textures in it. Thank you so much.

Savitha, Saratoga, CA, USA

Merci pour ce magnifique Buddha, vos statues sont toutes très belles.

Laurent, Paris, France

The elephants arrived!! So much nicer than expected. They are beautiful. Thank you.

Ann, Lexington, KY, USA

The buddha arrived safe and sound. I am very happy with it. I hope to do business with you again in the future.

Stephen, Reading, UK

Thanks for this he is magnificent. The detailing is beautiful. Delivery was straight forward. I’ve yet to do the big reveal of Ganesha to my wife but I think she will love him too.

Steve, Bristol, UK

Ganesha looks great. Arrived at 9.45 this morning. Now in position along with the Buddha. Thanks for all your help.

Steve, Woking, UK

Wonderful, thanks so much! Love the pieces I’ve bought from you. They’re really special! Looking forward to this one.

Sulome, Toronto, Canada

I am delighted to say that I have received a new collection notice and have collected the wooden statue & unpacked it.
It is lovely and I am very happy with it...I really appreciate all your help and support.

Steve, London, UK

Good morning. I'm informing you that I've received the Buddha Statue on friday....I really love it, it's an amazing piece! I hope to visit your shop again your shop very soon!

David, Torino, Italy

We received it today. Thanks for the beautiful item and excellent packing.

Binh, Houston, TX, USA

Received! He is very nice, thank you, and I've found a home for him!

Matt, Ashford, UK

I have received the statues very well packaged. They are very beautiful and I hope that they will like as much to my employees as to me.

Didier, Bordeaux, France

I received the rain drum. Very happy and satisfied. Well packed also. Wonderful item!! Thanks.

Trui, Enschede, Netherlands

It arrived and is gorgeous!!!! I have looked for 5 years for this Buddha. Thank you!!!!!!

Leona, San Francisco, CA, USA

Just wanted to thank you. It’s pleasure doing business with you. The piece looks great.

Nazar, Miami, FL, USA

In the meanwhile all arrived well, perfectly packed, and especially the head is appealing, got nice place on my office desk.

Ulrich, Hamburg, Germany

Thanks for your care. I have just received the piece. It is beautiful! I am very happy with the purchase. Thanks again.

Dey, Rochester, NY

I just have to say that I couldn't be more pleased with our purchases. Thanks! We're moving into a new home and have been anxious to find more Khmer art so that our daughter is surrounded by things that represent her family background.

Darin, San Diego, CA, USA

J’ai bien reçu l’Antique Bronze Brahma, très bien emballé et en bonne état. Je ne suis pas dessus il est magnifique. Je suis ravi et très comptant. Encore un grand merci et à très vite.

Vincent, Paris, France

Arrived safely today! I’m very pleased with my purchase, thank you very much.

Sheila, Peterborough, UK

I received my bronze items. Thank you for the good packaging. I am pleased with the items.

Joyce, San Francisco, CA, USA

The Bayon sculpture is amazing. I really enjoy it. And thank you for the careful shipping.

Sylvain, Paris, France

The Bayon sculpture is amazing. I really enjoy it. And thank you for the careful shipping.

Sylvain, Paris, France

As I was travelling abroad I could only see and open the packages with the lingams today. They arrived safely and they are marvelous. Very happy to have been able to purchase them.

Philip, Maastricht, Netherlands

Hello! Thank you very much! The three Ganesha have just arrived. They are very beautiful and joyous :).

Christina, Bucahrest, Romania

We have well received the statue of Aspara and the two guardians… And we are happy to possess such a lovely pieces! Thanks for all.

Christian, Neuchâtel, Switzerland

l have received the Buddha Head. lt is a lovely piece .... thank you very much.

Hugo, Zurich, Switzerland

Received the Brahma today and he is gorgeous. Thank you so much.

Sam, Toronto, ON, Canada

SHE LOVED IT! We will be looking for more on your site.... :-) Thank you!

Alan, Spokane, WA, USA

Just opened up the boxes........wow......both pieces are just beautiful. Thought you'd like to know that delivery was great and boxes/pallet were in perfect order. Considering the rain, sleet and snow everything was dry too. Thank you for your great service.

Sue, Lingfield, UK

Alles gut angekommen. Sehr schön. Danke nochmal.

Frank, Frankfurt, Germany

Just to let you know the Buddha arrived safely in Amsterdam. I love it!! Thanks for the excellent service.

Rien, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I just received today the buddha. It looks as I was expected. Many thanks. I hope to make another purchase soon.

Jacques, Rouen, France

I received the Buddha statue, and the temple lions, today. They arrived safely, Thanks to the care that you’d taken with packing them. To say that I’m delighted with my purchases, would be an understatement, and they’ve exceeded my expectations. I’m sure that I’ll be in touch with you again in the future, with a view to making further purchases. Thank you for making this experience such a pleasurable one.

Phil, Glasgow, UK

The piece arrived in perfect condition. A VERY BEAUTIFUL BUDDHA which now occupies pride of place in my lounge room. Very many thanks.

Edward, Rotorua, New Zealand

I’ve been meaning to drop you note to say thank you for the lovely Buddha. It arrived safe and sound and looks as beautiful as it did online.

James, San Diego, CA, USA

Yes, the Buddha arrived safely today! I think he is a stunning display piece and i should find a special spot for him on his own !

Gavin, Stirling, UK

I just received the Buddha, the piece is even more beautiful than on the pictures. Many thanks again, is exactly what I was looking for, I am so happy with it!

Kasia, London, UK

l have received the parcel. That's really an excellent and lovely carved Buddha. Thank you very much.

Hugo, Zurich, Switzerland

Ware ist heute angekommen und ich bin sehr überrascht wie wunderschön der Elefant ist ,vielen Dank bis auf ein nächstes mal Dein Kunde!

Mario, Thüringen, Germany

My partner got back from Thailand this evening, and was surprised and delighted to see the walking Buddha statue I bought from you recently. We both like it very much indeed - you don't see so many walking Buddha statues, and this one is very well moulded and finely detailed. You also packed it very thoroughly for posting. So thank you very much! It looks very beautiful in our hall, facing visitors as they come through our front door.

Andrew, London, UK

Wow , all i can say is wow , this is a magnificent piece. Thank you for looking after it , and now i will do the same with it. It is in a proper home now where it belongs.

Sam, Melbourne, Australia

"Enlightenment Buddha in his new home! Thanks so much - I love him". My sister loves her new Buddha and I thought you would like to know her comment.Thank you for your quick responses and for getting the Buddha here at such short notice. Your service is top class and I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others. Once again many thanks for helping to make my sister's birthday special.

Anita, London, UK

Both items arrived in excellent condition. I am delighted with them; they are outstandingly beautiful pieces.

Edward, Rotorua, New Zealand

The 3 parcels have arrived, safe and sound as before. Again as ever, I am so impressed with your care and professionalism in packaging and sending the statues. The Buddha statues from you will be our family heirloom and bring the peace and happiness to us. Your kindness and generosity is profoundly appreciated.
The parcels arrived yesterday but I couldn't open until this morning. Take care and thank you again.

Truong, Toronto, Canada

Beautiful. I received the Buddha yesterday in the midst of a TREMENDOUS thunderstorm, and it was perfectly dry and nice. (Not only your plastic covering worked, but DHL was nice enough to put the entire box int a huge plastic bag.) Many thanks.

Paul, Boston, MA, USA

We received the reclining Buddha and we love it! Thanks again!

Terence, Zurich, Switzerland

It is an amazing "museum quality" antique bronze!!! For a 19th century bronze antique, I believe the Newark, NJ Museum may express interest if I show them. However, they will never get it and I will have it in my collection for posterity. We will be doing much more business in the foreseeable future, count on it!!!

Joseph, Newark, NJ, USA

The Buddha statues have arrived, safe and sound thank to your professional packaging and everything else. I am so impressed and certainly will be back again to purchase more from you. My warmest thanks and appreciation.

Truong, Toronto, Canada

Thank you so very much! Well, I needed Buddha here -- and I certainly now have Buddha here in many ways and many forms -- with thanks to HDAsianArt. Each statue you've sent has worked out very well -- each in its own way -- each combined in settings with other art pieces -- each has blended well -- finishing off different areas of my home -- and all communicates well to tell a story of different aspects of my life. I intentionally chose your pieces -- to get away from the "norm" of beautiful gild Buddhas that everyone has -- your pieces are quite unique -- and a bit more "real" -- which serves my purpose well. So, thank you.

Karl, Seattle, WA, USA

Thank you. I was delighted to receive [my statue]. It has pride of place amongst my Asian treasures.

Dennis, Norwich, UK

I received the parcel today~ this Rattanakosin buddha is so cute,I love it! It's really nice to know your shop,and your attitude toward every detail,thank you very much!!

Hsiang Yin, Taipei City, Taiwan

I received the Apsara today. It's absolutely great and thanks so much for the fantastic service!

Minesh, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Figure arrived today, thrilled with it, many thanks. Speak soon.

Graham, Bedford, UK

Got the Buddha, it's fantastic! A lovely sculpture.

Chris, London, UK

l have received this incredible lovely Buddha Statue. Many thanks for all and have a really good time.

Hugo, Zurich, Switzerland

Received my beautiful Avalokiteshvara today, I'm so over the moon, it is everything I could have wished for. Many thanks, love and light.

Jennywren, Bournemouth, UK

A truly wonderful piece . . . the real thing . . . serene & peaceful -- so totally right for my home and space -- he sits in my personal office / library -- viewed daily -- he brings tranquility to my life -- keeps me "centered" and on the road to enlightenment where I need to be -- learning about life in all its aspects. I am Very Happy with this Buddha. Thank you for bringing this into my life. Great Shop! Great People! Very genuine! The highest reviews to you. Thank you!

Karl, Seattle, WA, USA

The Buddha has arrived -- and now sitting in his chosen spot -- to bring me to a better place through life's journey here -- exactly right in every way -- he is perfect! I am very happy. Thank you!

Karl, Seattle, WA, USA

My impressive Chiang Mai Buddha arrived safely this morning, 20 March 2017. Many thanks for the great packing.

Edward, Rotorua, New Zealand

Thanks for our Buddha. He is lovely and has pride of place in the kitchen living area in front of the fire. He looks happy and serene there.

Nigel, Lincoln, UK

I received the Buddha today. Thank you for the quick shipping. It is absolutely beautiful. I love the patina.

James, San Diego, CA, USA

Just wanted to let you know that I am delighted with my purchase and it looks great! I'm on the lookout for a couple more pieces so I am sure we will do business again.

Bonnie, Saffron Walden, UK

Today I've received Your angkor stele. It's quite splendid. Thank you very much for your mindful and fast shipping. I hope a chanse will come again.

Miki, Osaka, Japan

Just a quick note to let you know your package arrived in fine shape a while ago. (DHL, your shipper, is a very good shipping service; even though I wound up being home when the delivery was made, I was glad to have been able to pre-arrange my electronic signature/authorization to leave the package on my porch, should I not have been home to receive it; that option is a very nice one as it saves the recipient from having to wait around all day, in order to sign for a delivery. I very much like the bronze bust. The coloring is particularly appealing. I've placed it on a bookcase just inside the front entry...it looks great!!!. Very handsome piece. Thanks again for having shipped so quickly, for packing the bust so carefully and for your helpful statuses throughout the transaction process. You are so very good to do business with.

Andrew, Tampa, FL, USA

The Buddha statue arrived yesterday, and we are delighted with it! It's a very handsome addition to our collection.

Susan, Detroit, MI, USA

I just open the first statue this night. Its beautiful. Hope we could have more corporations!

Ying, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Cette statue est magnifique et fait du bien à mes sens…

Catherine, Lausanne, Switzerland

Many thanks for this really excellent Buddha Head. Have a nice time and kinds regards.

Hugo, Zurich, Switzerland

Mounted Buddha arrived and I love it!!! Arrived quickly and in perfect condition! Thank you!!

June, Sacramento, CA, USA

The magnificent Buddha arrived already, safe and sound. Thank you very much.

Michael, Newark, NJ, USA

Thank you for a truly amazing piece . It is stunning.

Hana, Poole, UK

Ce petit mot afin de vous dire que Ganesha vient d’arriver dans sa nouvelle demeure, en parfait état. Je suis conquise par vos 2 objets, un vrai plaisir…

Catherine, Lausanne, Switzerland

I have received my Shiva! It's beautiful. Thank you!

Nathalie, Nijmegen, The Netherlands

I just received the item:"Shiva statue" on 26/12/2016. I really like it. It was very nice to talk with you. Again, Thank you very much! I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Masatoshi, Chino, Japan

Just wanted to let you know that the Buddha statue arrived and is now in my home. It is really beautiful and I am very grateful for your clarity of communication and integrity through the process. I hope you have joyous holidays and your 2017 calendar year far exceeds your expectations.

Alex, Beverly Hills, CA, USA

I collected the statue from my daughter's place on Saturday I'm extremely happy with it it's very beautiful and is exactly as described thank you so much.

TJ, Melbourne, Australia

I am emailing you to let you know that i have received the Buddhas, thank you so much i love them.

Pedro, London, UK

Thank you for delivering Buddha to me in one piece! Arrived safe and sound abs exactly how I imagined him so thank you so much!!
Love him!

Sonal, London, UK

Today his majesty has arrived well, smiling calmly – he seems to like his new home. Thank you from Germany!

Barbara, Berlin, Germany

Buddha was just received! Arrived in great condition and is wonderful. Wanted to let you know. Thanks for everything. Great doing business.

Todd, Albuquerque,NM, USA

Unpack, than unwrap, unwrap, unwrap...WOW !!! What a beautiful statue! Now this is the central item on my small religious table.

Monthy, Berlin, Germany

Both packages arrived today, In good condition & I'm very happy with the items.

Greg, Sydney, Australia

Thank you very very much for my Beautiful Ganesha !! I love it !!! It's REALLY LOVELY !!!!

Olia, Mexico City, Mexico

Order received in good order, thank you. Very pleased.

Chris, Port Saint Lucie, FL, USA

Just a quick message to say that my Buddha arrived today and that your photos didn't really do it justice: it is so beautiful! Thank you so much!

Thierry, Faversham, UK

My Buddha came tonight and WOW I love him!! He's even better than the picture. Thank you SO much.

Teri, Beckenham, UK

Just to confirm that the piece has already arrived, and has taken a comfy place in my 18th century collection.Thanks very much for your speed and patience! Warm wishes.

Herman, Vittorio Veneto, Italy

We love [our Buddha]!! Thank you!

Rebecca, San Francisco, CA, USA

... the vishnu statue is amazing and many thanks again for the little buddha that is on my working desk.

Philippe, Paris, France

Just received my Durga....it's so beautiful...thank you.

Melainee, London, UK

As you know I purchased the Ganesh, last month, for luck, well... out of 25 applicants, and 7 candidates, I've been offered a job as a teaching assistant! So thank you for being part of my journey!!!

Nisha, Croydon, UK

We received our Buddha!! Just wanted to say thank you! I gave it to my husband yesterday and he loved it!! Thanks very much.

Marcela, Boston, MA, USA

Thank you kindly. All items received. Much appreciated for a very smooth dealing and the items are nice as described.

Sam, Sydney, Australia

Our bronze has arrived - thank you! It is a beautiful and extraordinary piece...I can feel the love and care that the original artist put into the work. With great thanks.

Annie, Ashford, UK

Thank you so much, the Ganesha was received today. It is simply exquisite.

Nisha, Croydon, UK

Received the Buddha today. Many thanks for the 1st class service.

David, London, UK

Many thanks. Am absolutely delighted with my purchase.

Yvonne, Manchester, UK

J'ai bien reçu hier le bol à offrandes et la boite de médecine , superbe , sans PB ( emballage soigneux ). Avec mes remerciements.

Christine, Tours, France

The items arrived safely on Friday afternoon. I am really pleased with all of them but the money box is a favourite at the moment because it is so unusual. Thank you again.

Shelagh, London, UK

That's great! Thanks so much - truly excellent customer service throughout! I will definitely be recommending you and no doubt buying from you again in the future.

Diane, Cheshire, UK

I have received the statue with thanks. It's very nice and I didn't realize that it 's also very heavy. Thank you again.

Manh, Geneva, France

The statue is arrived and really very appealing. Thx so much again, I really hope to deal with you again in the future.

Tommy, Piacenza, Italy

Love the Buddha - its talking to me already. You have been an exemplary communicator . Thank you so much.

Michael, New York, NY, USA

The buddha arrived yesterday. It's beautiful! Thanks so much and Merry Christmas.

Jenny, Portland, ME, USA

Received the Buddha, 10th of December so that’s pretty good going I’d say. I think he will do the job very nicely. Thank you sir once more.

Dean, Sydney, Australia

Absolutely delighted to receive the Buddha parcel from you today. Not even a dent or scratch on the box, & the beautiful Buddha, undoubtedly the best in my small collection, arrived in perfect condition. So surprised to receive it in only 6 days - wonder why parcels from China take the better part of a month? Very many thanks.

Edward, Rotorua, New Zealand

Received [our antique Buddha] today. We are absolutely delighted. Thank you.

Quang, Seattle, WA, USA

I received the item in perfect condition. I like very much this manuscript box. Thanks for your offer.

Alain, Hasselt, Belgium

Just a quick note to let you know the Buddha was delivered early this afternoon. Very handsome…nice colors/patina, and just the right size. Thank you again for shipping so quickly. Best to you, and your company, as always.

Andrew, Tampa, FL, USA

Chance would have it, the Hevajra has arrived and in addition the day of my birthday (29 September)! So I'm definitely the most happy man today and I thank you very much. I thanks to you, finally a true museum piece in my collection. I keep you in my favorite sellers and I have in other acquisitions head.In once again thank you !

Pierre, Corsica, France

Just to thank you for the beautiful Shan Buddha, which arrived safely today. Very many thanks for all your help.

Jacqueline, Farnborough, UK

The Buddhas have arrived, they are wonderful! Thank you very much!

Supakrith, Bangkok, Thailand

The box, the head and the little statue are arrived. What to say? They are simply stunning and love them. Looking forward to buy again from you,

Tomasso, Milan, Italy

The statue is arrived today morning. Everything is ok and the statue is very very nice. Thx again for your kindness, hope to deal with you again in the future as you have really nice objects!

Tomasso, Milan, Italy

Statue received and it is beautiful!

Tamara, San Francisco, CA, USA

The package arrived today -- very well packed and the statues are very good. I have spent over 30 years in Asia -- quite a bit of that in Thailand and a little in Cambodia and Laos. It has been difficult to find reproductions of this quality and I salute you for your effort and your success.

Michael, Brentwood, MO, USA

The statue has arrived. It is in a very nice position in our main entrance area and looks wonderful;-). Thank you again and best regards.

Yvonne, Malta

Many, many thanks. The Buddha is just perfect! I couldn't be any happier with his countenance, posture and the workmanship. And the little Manjusri is wonderful! I was not familiar with the symbolism of this figure--it is very intriguing.

Barbara, Albany, NY

The piece arrived today and I am quite happy with it. Glad I found you. Much appreciated.

Matt, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

I received my Buddha yesterday I love it !!!! Thank you, kind regards,

Benedicte, Paris, France

Just a quick note to let you know your handsome Buddha head arrived in fine form in today’s late afternoon mail. It’s perfect. Looks great... I couldn’t be more pleased. Thanks as always for mailing so promptly and for packing so well. I know I’ve said this before, but probably doesn’t hurt repeating… your company is really, really good to deal with.

Andrew, Tampa, FL, USA

Arrived in time and matching my expectations. Won't be my last buy from you.

Walter, London, UK

I wanted to let you know that we received the 2 pieces & we absolutely love them! They both fit perfectly & really enhance those niches. I had been looking for the right pieces for those 2 spaces, for quite some time. These are exactly what I wanted. Thank you again for all of your assistance.

Antonia, Chicago, IL, USA

Yesterday I received the Burmese piece in perfect condition. He was very well packed. I’m very pleased with this lovely piece ! Thank you.

Alain, Liège, Belgium

Received my Buddha this morning. Looks great. I am sure my friend will just love it. Thanks.

Andy, Hamilton, UK

The package just arrived! The figure is even more beautiful in person than it is in photos! I'm very happy with it and look forward to giving it as a gift.

Vanessa, New York, NY, USA

A beautiful figure of the Buddha for my collection. The face is very serene....thank you.

David, Romford, UK

Arrived a few weeks ago. Beautiful!!

Kris, Rockville, MD, USA

We received the statue today. It's gorgeous! And arrived very quickly and safe. Thanks a lot!

Tonia, Kaliningrad, Russian Federation

I've just returned home to find my amazing Ganesh sitting waiting for me. He is absolutely beautiful, even more so then the pictures. I've been smiling all evening. Thank you so much.

Emma, Brighton, UK

Just to confirm, the Buddha statue arrived ahead of ETA on Friday. Both delighted.

Ian, Oxford, UK

Received the Mahamuni Buddha statue from 19th Century. The piece is remarkable. Very fortunate to have the opportunity to purchase authentic burmese buddha piece with burmese script on the bottom from my own country. Noted fast shipping to Colorado and above all, I am very impressed with the customer service. The sale rep contacted me personally via email to help me find the right statue I was looking for. Thank you!

Christine, Colorado Springs, CO, USA

The Buddha arrived earlier, very impressed. It goes very well with the rest of my collection. A unique piece. I'm sure I'll be back to purchase some more items (when I finish decorating...). Many thanks again.

Mark, Birmingham, UK

Just got the Burmese piece. Thanks for the meticulous packaging, It's very lovely! Thanks again!

Ted, Princeton, NJ, USA

I am over the moon with the two Buddha I bought from you, needless to say... I will be buying again.

Chotika, Nottingham, UK

I received my lovely buddha head today and ...I LOVE IT!!! Thank you so much for everything. Hugs

Kate, Chicago, IL, USA

Thank you so much for the statue, my wife loves it.

Glen, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Many thanks for this wonderfull item. Have a nice time.

Hugo, Zurich, Switzerland

The 'Queen' has arrived in good order. She is very beautifully made with antique patina and of ideal size. My wife is very quick to bejewel her with a cross shoulder braided turquoise scarf & gold beads string. Adding to her very rich and noble look. COOL!
We are very pleased to welcome her at our home. Will visit your site again.

Wolfgang, Tallahassee, FL, USA

I came back home this morning and have received already the package. Both the items are amazing! The style and patina are correct for ancient khmer
bronzes, I'm very pleased with them!

Jose, Lisbon, Portugal

Just wanted to let you know your handsome Cambodia bronze Buddha torso statue arrived in fine shape (well packaged) in today's mail. Thanks for shipping so very promptly. I'm very pleased with the bust... as I was with the other two pieces I ordered from you last year. The statue is quietly handsome and such a nice addition to my collection. Perfect.

Andrew, Tampa, Florida, USA

My Brahma statue arrived and looks fantastic and very much at home next to my Ganesha statue. Definitely worth the wait so thanks again.

Nicolas, Sydney, Australia

Just wanted to say thank you for Ganesh. It arrived Tuesday and my partner loves it and was blown away.
Will definitely be in touch again. Til then all the best and take care.

Becky, London, UK

Super quick delivery! They are great, thank you for all your trouble and yes pretty please get in touch if you find any more unusual pieces.

Denise, Sydney, Australia

The large Teak Buddha face is a superb piece, and I also like the bronze black Cambodian Buddha head. Many thanks.

Ted, Auckland, New Zealand

I got the piece home in tact and it is really stunning. Many thanks.

Shelagh, London, UK

Oh, what a beautiful statue. She will be joined by my other Oriental statues - Buddha Kuan Yin Tara & Shiva.
I like them being a Buddhist for many years thank you again.

Peter, Penzance, UK

...very pleased with our purchase. The photograph does not do it justice.

Victor, Belfast, Northern Ireland

...the Ganesha statue has arrived safe and sound. I must admit to being somewhat apprehensive about buying something on the net having being burned before with purchases from India, but I absolutely love it.

Nicolas, Sydney, Australia

I have received my beautiful statue, the one I was looking for. Thank you very much for your noble business.

Sergiy, Norfolk, Virgina, USA