Buddha Statue - Antique Khmer Style SE Asia Seated Wood Enlightenment Buddha Statue - 52cm/21"
Buddha Statue - Antique Khmer Style SE Asia Seated Wood Enlightenment Buddha Statue - 52cm/21"
Buddha Statue - Antique Khmer Style SE Asia Seated Wood Enlightenment Buddha Statue - 52cm/21"
Buddha Statue - Antique Khmer Style SE Asia Seated Wood Enlightenment Buddha Statue - 52cm/21"

Buddha Statue - Antique Khmer Style SE Asia Seated Wood Enlightenment Buddha Statue - 52cm/21"

Material: Wood

Origin: Cambodia

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  • Antique Khmer Style Seated SE Asia Wood Enlightenment Buddha Statue - 52cm/21"

    Measures (Height) 52cm/21"

    An antique Khmer style wooden Buddha from Cambodia.

    The Buddha is seated in the Bhumisparsa or 'Calling the Earth to Witness' mudra.

    The Enlightenment Buddha, also known as the Buddha in the moment of enlightenment or the Earth-touching Buddha, is a profound and revered image in Buddhism. This depiction captures a pivotal moment in the life of Siddhartha Gautama, the historical Buddha, as he achieved enlightenment under the Bodhi tree. The Enlightenment Buddha serves as a powerful symbol of the Buddha's awakening and the universal potential for spiritual realization.

    With fingers slightly touching the ground this position represents the subduing of Mara (a demon) who bombarded Buddha with demons, monsters, violent storms and the three seductive daughters. Remaining steadfast the Buddha testified to his meritorious past by pointing to the earth and calling the Earth Goddess, Thorani.

    Rising from the ground the Earth Goddess wrings the water from her long black hair. By this action she raises a torrential flood that drowns Mara and his army of demons. This gesture reflects this story symbolizing enlightenment, as well as steadfastness and Buddha's achievement of perfection or nirvana.

    Seated in the half lotus position he has large lotus flower shaped ushnisha protuberance on top of his head symbolizing his high level of spiritual development. The Buddha has a peaceful countenance with downcast introspective eyes and a firm brow. His earlobes are stretched long from a youth spent as a prince wearing heavy gold earrings.

    The Enlightenment Buddha, with his symbolic gesture of touching the Earth, encapsulates the essence of Buddhism's transformative message. It serves as a timeless reminder of the path to awakening, inner transformation, and liberation from suffering.

    The image inspires individuals to cultivate mindfulness, wisdom, and perseverance on their spiritual journey. The Enlightenment Buddha is a beacon of hope, offering the profound message that the path to enlightenment is accessible to all who seek it, transcending the illusions and distractions of the world and touching the profound truth of existence.

    The carving is beautiful as you can see in the fine details of the face and hands. Each detail is rendered perfectly.

    This traditional in appearance piece is sure to add a unique touch to any room of your home or workplace. One of the most recognizable of the Asian deities this representation of the spiritual teacher Buddha is sure to enlighten your home with endlessly timeless style.

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The Naga arrived, and he is beautiful! I am so happy to have him! My home is much nicer with all these wise and ancient water spirits to protect it. Thank you for everything, and have a great day!

Janice, McAllen, TX, USA

The three beautiful Naga were delivered this morning and I am thrilled to have them! They are even nicer than I had hoped from seeing only photos of them. If anything can protect me, I am sure these ancient and wise spirits will.

Janice, McAllen, TX, USA

The Buddha arrived at my house yesterday afternoon. It's beautiful!! Many thanks for your availability and courtesy.

Leonardo, Venice, Italy

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