Buddha Statue - Antique Khmer Style Bronze Charity & Compassion Gautama Buddha Statue - 62cm/25"

The Compassionate Glow: Unveiling the Charity Buddha


In the realm of Buddhist iconography, where each figure radiates unique virtues and teachings, the Charity Buddha stands as a luminous embodiment of compassion and selflessness. Also known as the Giving or Almsgiving Buddha, this revered representation transcends cultural boundaries, inspiring individuals to cultivate generosity and kindness.

Join us on a journey as we explore the symbolism, teachings, and profound impact of the Charity Buddha.

The Essence of Charity:

The Charity Buddha, often depicted with an outstretched hand, exemplifies the virtue of giving. Rooted in the teachings of Buddhism, the act of charity is considered a path towards spiritual enlightenment. The Charity Buddha serves as a guide, urging followers to embrace the transformative power of selfless generosity.

Symbolism of the Charity Buddha:

  1. Outstretched Hand: The most distinctive feature of the Charity Buddha is the open and outstretched hand. This gesture symbolizes the act of giving, inviting devotees to extend their generosity towards others. The open palm is an invitation to share not only material possessions but also compassion, love, and understanding.

  2. Almsgiving Bowl: In many depictions, the Charity Buddha holds an almsgiving bowl. This bowl represents the acceptance of offerings and, in turn, the willingness to share the abundance with those in need. The act of giving alms, whether in material goods or spiritual guidance, is a central theme in Buddhist practice.

  3. Overflowing Heart: The Charity Buddha's compassionate countenance reflects an overflowing heart filled with empathy and benevolence. This aspect of the imagery encourages followers to approach charitable acts with sincerity and a genuine desire to alleviate the suffering of others.

Khmer Charity Buddha

Teachings of Generosity:

The Charity Buddha serves as a living testament to the Buddha's teachings on the transformative power of generosity. In Buddhism, the act of giving is considered a fundamental practice, fostering a sense of interconnectedness and cultivating virtues such as humility, gratitude, and compassion. The Charity Buddha, through its symbolism, encourages followers to embrace these teachings in their daily lives.

Contemporary Reverence:

The symbolism of the Charity Buddha continues to resonate in contemporary Buddhism and beyond. In a world marked by various challenges, the image of the Giving Buddha serves as a timeless reminder of the importance of extending a helping hand, fostering unity, and alleviating the suffering of others through acts of kindness.

Charity in Action:

Buddhist communities and charitable organizations often draw inspiration from the Charity Buddha in their efforts to serve humanity. Initiatives that provide food, education, healthcare, and support to those in need embody the spirit of the Charity Buddha, turning the teachings into compassionate action.


The Charity Buddha, with its outstretched hand and compassionate presence, stands as a luminous symbol in the rich tapestry of Buddhist iconography. In its teachings on generosity and selflessness, the Charity Buddha invites followers to illuminate the world with the transformative power of compassion. As individuals strive to embody the virtues embodied by the Giving Buddha, they contribute to a legacy of kindness, altruism, and the boundless potential for positive change in the world. The Charity Buddha, in its timeless grace, beckons us to embrace the path of generosity, recognizing that in giving, we receive the truest and most profound gifts of the heart.

Laos Charity Buddha