PRESS RELEASE - Seeking Serenity: Looking Up to Religious Idols in Lockdown

PRESS RELEASE - Seeking Serenity: Looking Up to Religious Idols in Lockdown

Seeking Serenity: Looking Up to Religious Idols in Lockdown

Religious Idols: The Key to Lockdown Serenity

The People’s Choice Word of the Year in 2020 was ‘unprecedented.’ It is therefore perhaps unsurprising that the pandemic’s upheaval has kickstarted a worldwide interest in ancient religions that have provided devotees with stability for millennia.

This means that to add to our homes becoming offices, schools and gyms, many have also transformed their space into nuclei of religion. Buddhist statues, for example, have been brought in by individuals endeavouring to improve their mindfulness and meditation. Hinduism’s Ganesha is being gifted to friends looking to overcome obstacles. Others have turned to Shiva and Vishnu idols when in need of protection in difficult times.

James Horsfall, CEO and Founder of HD Asian Art, said of this invigorated interest that,

In these challenging times we are seeing a significant interest from those looking to find both serenity and mindfulness not only for themselves but more often for others. A beautiful work of art that can help bring peace and calm during these difficult times has wide appeal.

All the more important is worshippers understanding exactly how their religious statues can bring personal value. Such religious idols are crafted following ancient traditions. Materials, stances and hand positions are critical to the meaning of all such artefacts. This is particularly significant during the coronavirus pandemic, where individuals have met with unique and unparalleled issues. Choosing the right statue is therefore essential. Buddha, for instance, is depicted and crafted in many different positions, all of which represent a different opportunity for spiritual assistance.

One particularly positive takeaway from the interest in religious statues is how they are being gifted. According to James, there has been a notable increase in those wishing to buy idols for others. This is far deeper than the simple bestowal of ancient art to a friend. Looking out for one another has been a key theme of all lockdowns in the sense of both physical and mental health. This has varied from online events to communal efforts to deliver groceries for those in need. On a personal level, the gifting of a statue, such as a Ganesha, represents a spirituality and offers the chance of serenity. Though this may not be for everybody, looking inward when we can’t go outside is a logical step towards future stability in a turbulent time.

The cynical may beg the question of whether this trend will continue. What can be said is that the pandemic has made definitive changes in all aspects of our lives that are here to stay. For some, it may be the realisation that they can work from home with ease. For others, that they are natural banana-bread bakers. But for many, this recognition will be that the positivity offered by these ancient idols is not just temporary a solution to ‘unprecedented’ issues. These ancient artefacts represent far greater emotional lifestyle changes.


About HD Asian Art: HD Asian Art offers a carefully curated collection of authentic statues from across Southeast Asia. Every piece is spiritually charged and designed to take meditators on a journey through ancient civilisations. We have a deliberate focus on the true comprehension of what a statue represents and exactly what it can bring when situated in the home. The cultivation of innate spirituality is what makes these ancient pieces so profound, from Buddha through to Vishnu.