Shiva Statue - Antique Javanese Style Bronze Dancing Shiva statue as Lord Nataraja - 56cm(22") Tall

Material: Bronze

Origin: Indonesia

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  • Shiva Statue - Antique Javanese Style Bronze Dancing Shiva statue as Lord Nataraja - 56cm(22") Tall

    Measures (Height) 56cm/22"

    An antique Javanese style dancing Shiva, as Lord Nataraja in 13th century Majapahit style.

    Here Shiva is depicted as the divine dancer and Lord of the dramatic arts. With perfect balance and proportions the sculpture depicts Shiva as Lord Nataraja, in traditional pose.

    Shiva is stood upon a rectangular lotus petal pedestal. Shiva its shown dancing in Natya Shastra pose, holding Agni (fire) in his left back hand. The front hand in Dharmachakra or Teaching mudra.

    The front right hand with a wrapped snake around the wrist is in abhaya (protection) mudra and the back hand holding a musical instrument, a damaru or bell. His body, fingers, ankles, neck, face, head, ear lobes and dress are decorated and bejewelled.

    Shiva is backed by an aureole with a beaded border and flaming rim, topped by a decorative finial, symbolising his divinity. Shiva is standing on a lotus pedestal, lifting his left leg and trampling upon a demon (Apasmara or Muyalaka) who symbolizes ignorance.

    The dynamism of the energetic dance is depicted with the whirling hair which spread out in thin strands as a fan behind his head, in characteristic Majapahit stye. Shiva is dressed in a simple robe, with a sash tied around his waist and is wearing a number of pieces of ornate jewellery, including crown and earrings.

    As the destroyer, Shiva is regarded as limitless, transcendent and unchanging. Shiva is also regarded as the patron god of yoga, meditation and arts. Shiva is part of the Hindu holy trimurti which includes Brahma and Vishnu.

    The Trilochana of Shiva can be seen on his forehead - the Three-Eyed Lord. It is the eye of wisdom, free from 'Maya', the illusion, and duality of life. It is also believed to be the source of his untamed energy.

    The crescent moon is also shown on the front of the Lord's head as an ornament. The waxing and waning phenomenon of the moon symbolises the time cycle through which creation evolves from the beginning to the end.

    Since Shiva is the Eternal Reality, He is beyond time. Thus, the crescent moon is only one of His ornaments. His hair is piled in a tripartite chignon decorated with a cockade and is discretely adorned with only a necklace, diamond shaped earrings, a Yajnopavita (Scared Brahmanical thread) and a single bangle on each wrist.

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    This traditional in appearance sculpture is sure to add a unique touch to your home, work or sacred space. We have other Hindu statues available. Please email for details.

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Received my Buddha this morning. Looks great. I am sure my friend will just love it. Thanks.

Andy, Hamilton, UK

The package just arrived! The figure is even more beautiful in person than it is in photos! I'm very happy with it and look forward to giving it as a gift.

Vanessa, New York, NY, USA

A beautiful figure of the Buddha for my collection. The face is very serene....thank you.

David, Romford, UK