Ganesha Statue - Antique Javanese Style Bronze Standing Majapahit Ganesha Statue - 31cm/12"
Ganesha Statue - Antique Javanese Style Bronze Standing Majapahit Ganesha Statue - 31cm/12"
Ganesha Statue - Antique Javanese Style Bronze Standing Majapahit Ganesha Statue - 31cm/12"
Ganesha Statue - Antique Javanese Style Bronze Standing Majapahit Ganesha Statue - 31cm/12"
Ganesha Statue - Antique Javanese Style Bronze Standing Majapahit Ganesha Statue - 31cm/12"

Ganesha Statue - Antique Javanese Style Bronze Standing Majapahit Ganesha Statue - 31cm/12"

Material: Bronze

Origin: Indonesia

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  • Antique Javanese Style Bronze Standing Indonesian Ganesha Statue - 31cm/12"

    Measures (Height) 31cm/12"

    An antique Javanese style bronze standing Ganesha from Indonesia.

    Ganesha is stood on four elephant heads, with trunks raised, that are themselves set upon a lotus flower and decorated rectangular pedestal. The lotus flower represents the attaining of enlightenment and the ultimate fulfilment that follows. This symbol is heavily used in Eastern religions, which is why it can appear as both a held item or a pedestal for Ganesha. Some say that as the lotus flower grows in dirty water but becomes something beautiful, it demonstrates how we must forget our attachments to the material world around us and focus on our inner spirituality in order to seek happiness.

    A decorated aureole can be seen behind him, confirming his divinity. Ganesha is the elephant headed son of Shiva.

    He holds an axe in one hand, a tusk, conch shell and a bowl of sweetmeats in his others. Whilst an elephant-headed deity wielding an axe may inspire images of a belligerent warhead, rest assured these items represent something far more encouraging. Instead, these instruments are rooted in metaphor and promote the idea that we should cut away the obstacles before us. In destroying our vices and obstacles, be they certain hurdles in our lives or more abstract feelings such as jealousy and anger, we can source new beginnings and cultivate a new approach to the things that have been worrying us.

    Ganesha also holds laddus, the name for Indian sweetmeats. Whilst some may interpret this as Ganesha simply having a sweet tooth or a (relatable) penchant for candy, it is no surprise that the sweet delicacies carry further meaning. These tasty treats represent the reward for a wisely-led life and the eternal sweetness that comes from a fulfilled experience. Dentists around the world will be delighted to hear that Ganesha is never depicted actually eating the sweetmeats, but this item of the deity does also show his parallels with everyday human life. This relates to Ganesha's status as a Vedic God, which means he does not forget even those who are not his devotees and instead looks out for everyone. This is communicated through his depiction as always looking upwards or at eye-level, as he is surveying all human life and is therefore not solely focussed on those praying to him.

    Here Ganesha also holds the remnants of his broken tusk. The breaking of the tusk has several backstories. One instance suggests that it was shattered when Shiva cut the head off the elephant, prior to bestowing it onto Ganesha. Another writes that Ganesha's quill broke and he needed a writing instrument, try telling your boss that next time you try to write up a report with an elephant tusk because your computer crashed. Regardless of its multiple origins, the holding of the tusk represents less of a keepsake, and more of a depiction that our spirituality is more important than our outer bodies, meaning we must overcome the duality of the two as separate entities.

    The direction of Ganesha's trunk has symbolic meaning. Here the trunk turns to Ganesha's left. This signifies the direction for success in the world. It is a position associated with grihastas, or householders.

    In his early forms in India, Ganesha was associated with fertility. Later he became widely revered as the Remover of Obstacles and more generally as Lord of Beginnings and Lord of Obstacles, patron of arts and sciences and the deity of intellect and wisdom.

    Provenance: Ex- private Singapore collection.

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    One of the most recognizable of the Asian deities this representation of Ganesha is sure to enlighten your home with endlessly timeless style.

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Cette statue est magnifique et fait du bien à mes sens…

Catherine, Lausanne, Switzerland

Many thanks for this really excellent Buddha Head. Have a nice time and kinds regards.

Hugo, Zurich, Switzerland

Mounted Buddha arrived and I love it!!! Arrived quickly and in perfect condition! Thank you!!

June, Sacramento, CA, USA

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